DS #9 How to build a Power BI report

This blog is about how we build a PowerBI report using PowerBI.

A Power BI report is a multi-perspective view of a dataset, with visuals that represent different findings and insights from that dataset. A report can have a single visual or pages full of visuals. … You also may be a business user who consumes or uses reports.

Let`s start to create a report in PowerBI.

  1. To create a report first we require a dataset. So here I am going to use sample data set which is by default available into PowerBi.

Here I am using the “Procurement Analysis Sample” dataset.

2. After successfully adding the dataset, Click on your dataset to create a new report. Now you can see a blank canvas.

3. Here I am going to visualize the data. Also below the image, you can see the visualizations and fields of the dataset.

chart 1 in below image.

Chart 2 in below image.

chart 3 in below image.

For all the chart visualization you can see in the below image.

After that I going to save my report as report_18IT076.

After that I am going to create live dashboard from the report.

You can see that our dashboard will available as live on the web as well as in the mobile layout.