Food Ordering App using Flutter

Raj Parmar
4 min readApr 29, 2021



Food ordering application is made using flutter and people can register their shop and sell their food. customer can see real-time data like shop owner updates about food directly reflects to customer application. A customer can buy food products and make online payment too.

For the customer, this app provides all the available products (category, name, image, price, description) on the customer app.

For owners, this app provides operations add/edit/delete their food or any other products and they also can manage orders which will be placed by customers. and other functionalities will see in brief.

For Admins, they can see and manage all information of owners. and also can manage some info in customer app we will see later on

This Project is mainly divided into 3 parts.

  1. Customer App
  2. Business App
  3. Admin Panel

Customer App

In customer app, customer can login/signup and see nearby foods. in the app is opened it will show splash screen and then we will see login page. after entering right credentials it will show home screen. in the home screen we can see all available food and by clicking on particular food store we can see available food of that food store and order it from this app.

Business App

This app is made for owners. they can register their business on this app and start selling their food. to use this app they have to register their business on this app by entering their details. after verification by admin they will be able to use this app.

This is login/ signup screen for business app. during registration all the details are mandatory. after successful verification owner can use the app

After login we will see dashboard where all data of shop will be there. and there is menu to navigate to different pages. owners can add their shop banner which will appear in customer app.

owner can add new product in Products -> Add New

Also can edit product before publishing by clicking on info button

can publish/unpublish products

Admin Panel

Admin can manage information of customer and business app. for admin panel you have to login and then you will redirected to dashboard.

  1. Login

After entering admin credentials we will redirected to admin dashboard screen.


2. Dashboard

Here we will see all overall data of both apps.


3.Banner Screen

Admin can add/delete banner of customer app

Add/delete banner

4. Sellers Screen

can manage seller from here. it will reflect directly in customer app. if shop is inactive then admin can mark as inactive and shop will be disappear from customer app.

manage shops

5. Categories Screen

Admin can add/delete product categories and subcategories

add category
add sub-category

Apart from that admin can manage order, send notification to users, and some more functionalities can do. Here admin is connected with both the apps. at the end of the project admin will be managing all the data of both the apps.


Because of this app users don’t have to put data manually in database. all the work will done using UI. this project is build using flutter and firebase is used as backend.