Process of giving exam using onVUE

Raj Parmar
4 min readJul 3, 2021



onVUE is an online proctored examination platform for exams like AWS Cloud Practitioner, CCNA, OCI, etc

Here we will know the procedure of giving an exam on the onVUE app

you have scheduled your exam on Pearson Vue and now you are going to know the process of giving the exam

by scheduling an exam, you will get a mail of your appointment in which all the details are mentioned along with the link to begin with the exam

So the mail will actually look like this for any exam. and make sure you check in 30 min prior to the appointment time.

suppose your scheduled time is 6:15 pm then you must click on the check-in link at 5:45 pm because it takes time to verify your details.

Follow this step to start your exam

  1. Now by clicking on the check-in link you will be redirected to Pearson Vue page:

Here you copy the access code and click on download. it will download the onVUE application for examination.

2. Open onVUE application and paste the access code and your phone number and click on next.

by entering phone number click on next

3. Select option according to your age and click on get started

4. Then it will check your system, if everything works well then click on next

5. Now you will require your mobile phone to verify details

For that, you can choose either text message or URL method. I suggest you go with the URL method. select the method and click on next

6. Type URL into mobile phone

7. Enter this URL in your mobile phone and follow these steps

8. Now move to your laptop/desktop and press on refresh and put a tick mark on rules and click next

9. Close all applications except onVUE and click on next. (also close some background apps like anydesk, skype)

10. Click on next and your exam will start in few minutes

before going to the 10th step please make sure that you don’t have any other items on your dashboard the proctor will communicate with you via voice and ask you to show your dashboard and if they find your surroundings clean then you are good to go. they will start your exam.

Go through the demo exam if the link is given in your appointment mail so that you will get some idea about the onVUE app

The procedure will be the same for any exam you are giving through Pearson Vue onVUE.

Hope this blog is useful to you.