Transport Management System using ASP .NET

Raj Parmar
3 min readJul 10, 2020


Hey folks, I am Raj Parmar

Writing this blog about my internship experience. Here is something which i want to share with you guys.

Company Overview

I worked in a company named NAVPAD INFOTECH. Located at Baroda, which provides IT solutions to clients.

The company mainly provides Android and Web Development solutions.

In this pandemic situation, this company has provided us virtual internship. which is truly helpful to us.

We personally worked with the company CEO and get very much knowledge from him.

Learning Path

On the very first day of our internship, our mentor has started teaching us ASP .NET basics.

In the first week,

Our mentor has taught us the environment of I.T. industries, gave us the information of the domain in which we have to work. so they gave introduction to ASP .NET and C#.

With the help of this, we have built our first-ever payment system which is in 2 different payment gateways with the help of SQL server.

Also, we learned some new technologies from webinar hosted by our company

  1. Microsoft PowerBI by Neha Patel
  2. The trend in AR/VR by Ajna Lens.

Work experience during Internship

After learning some cool technologies, we were assigned some work which is related to the Transport Management System

We have started making our website in a group of 4 peoples with free template AdminLTE which is available free on the internet

The project we were working on is a transport management system and it is very complex and big project

We started with project work and because of great teamwork, we have successfully completed our project and learn many things from that.

Our mentor has fully supported us in each and every task which is given by them.

About Project

We have started making our project in the 2nd week of the internship and ended at the end of the month.

Using ASP .NET (frontend) and SQL (backend) we have created a website. which is of a famous transport company located at baroda. started with frontend, we have created master page and then made subsequent pages.

Master Page — Master Page is the structure in the website that can used as a template i.e remain fixed.

There were more than 9 menus and more than 30 forms to input the data. we divided all the work in team. with the help of AdminLTE we have created a good website with great color strokes.

finally completed the website at frontend and partially in backend. backend part is very huge that’s why we were not able to complete it in shorter time.


At the end, I would like to say that during this pandemic situation, the company has given us great opportunities. and we have learned a lot from them. like how the company interacts with clients, how to make money from making the website, how we can create a website in sorter time. and many more…

It was my first internship and had a great experience. Learned a Lot !!!

Thanks for reading my first ever blog.

Hope you liked it !!